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"Morning ladies. If your like me, you are reading testimonials on Scarlet Blue to help you make the right choice for you. So this is my second testimonial for Andy. I am writing this with a post-Andy morning glow. I had an incredible experience with Andy last night, and I've booked him again for a 48hr experience in July. You may have noticed that you need to plan ahead to ensure you get the time of your choosing with Andy, because he's a busy boy lol. I no longer refer to my time with Andy as a 'date' because his approach is so easy going and relaxed and a 'date' with anyone can be unpredictable. Spending time with Andy is predictable. He is kind, funny, charming and hot!!! But more importantly he is adaptable to my mood or the atmosphere when we are together. I not silly enough to imagine that he is just enjoying my company. He is, very subtly, working very hard to adapt to my needs: be it to chat, be playful, listen to my life woes or rock my world! lol Basically, Andy's service is so nuanced that it feels like a shared experience, and one for which I happy to pay $1000s, even with my limited income. His ability to be in the moment with me and take care of me emotionally, while meeting the needs I am obviously looking for in hiring a sexual service, is truely awe inspiring. I know I sound like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not lol! Andy is the best escort available for us Ladies!!!!! ."

— Jemma


"What a wonderful date I have had with Andy 2 weeks ago. He is very charismatic and this i love about him. I am not a model myself and felt rather embarrassed calling on Andy for a date. He made me feel like the number one lady, give me an amazing confidence boost and showed me all the nice things about myself that I never even realised. Im sure being an escort is hard sometimes but I know Andy loves what he does. He is passionate about being that someone who can lift your confidence and gives you a smile when doing so. I really like his charming smile and and how does dresses.... He is a professional, a true escort and the one you should book a date with if you are in the same position that i am in..... You will laugh, you will have great sex and most of all you will be glad you chose the Irish Charmer. J x ."

— jolene

It had been a loooong time since I had been intimate with a guy; work, travel, more work, the usual excuses, and though I am more than happy being single, well…. a girl has needs! So, I started to think about a male escort and, whether I could actually go through with it. I had seen Andy’s profile a number of times when researching, then one day I decided to take more notice. I am quite a bit older than Andy, and have been a little conscious of this, but I read his reviews, I already loved his photos so I bit the bullet and decided to make contact. I’m so very glad I did. During our initial phone call, I felt very relaxed. He does conversation well! It’s a pleasure to speak with him. And that accent!!
I booked an overnight for our first date, with the intention that I would book again in a few months’ time but I couldn’t wait that long! LOL. I have just spent a second date with Andy, this time 24hrs, and it was so nice, fun and chilled. I am planning another 24hrs or more for the next one.
I believe there are all kinds of friendships, some which happen of their own accord, and some we make happen… Andy is becoming a friend with benefits ;-). And oh those benefits….
If you are reading these testimonials and trying to make a decision, stop trying, just make contact, chat with Andy on the phone, and your mind will be made up. Life is short! Take every moment. Enjoy! :)



"I had the pleasure of meeting Andy for a 24 hour date in Sydney just a couple of weeks ago. Never having hired a male escort before and coming out of a bad failed marriage I was jumping into this head first and was very nervous to say the least!! Upon speaking on the phone for 30mins prior to meeting I was feeling alot more relaxed and confident i was doing the right thing. When we met i was greeted by a charming smile and instant jokes which made me feel instantly at ease. We spent the day sight seeing in tour and being tourist in our own city. The conversation was intellectual and Andy is very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. He made me feel like there was no one else around and all his attention was spent on me which was just what I needed. I had only ever slept with one man ever so I was very anxious about our bedroom time. I cant thank him more about how gentle and understanding he was. There was no pressure of any sort and he took his time and progressed as the more comfortable I got. My only complaint is that the 24hrs went too fast!!! Before our date i was nervous and wondering if I was doing the right thing and just after 24hrs I feel joined at the hip with Andy and saddened that it had all come to an end... This wont be the last time I catch up with Mr Torres and I look forward to exploring each other on a deeper meaningful level. "

— Annie s

"Made arrangements with Andy recently and recommend him without a doubt. He was very kind, patient and attentive to my needs. Nervous due to first time booking but he made me feel completely at ease.

Had a wonderful time with him and looking forward to future contact. He is definitely worth it!

Very glad I decided to contact him, no regrets. 

Miss Jo "

— Jo

" It was a privilege to spend the night with such a lovely man. Andy was thoughtful, attentive and kind. Dinner, drinks and long strolls in search of cocktails and breakfast made a wonderful time go far too quickly. Truly memorable, a woman never kisses and tells, but I can say, pleasurable too ;)

I look forward to the next adventure with Andy. "

— Miss x

"After THINKING that my date with Andy would never eventuate due to bad weather and flight delays we were finally brought together. To say I was nervous about meeting Andy 
would be a massive understatement. This was my first experience with a male escort and I'm so glad I chose Andy. From the moment we said hello, He made me feel relaxed and we were talking and joking with one another all night. The conversations were great and he is definitely passionate about his objectives and goals in life and I wish him all the best for his future adventures.
The intimacy we shared was 1st class. He was not only gentle but very respectful. This is one guy that knows how to please!
I hope very much to be lucky enough to cross paths with Andy again one day..... "

— m

"After much hesitation and 20 times of going back and fourth i finally give Andy a call. 

Upon hearing his accent i was immediately sold. Andy is a lovely guy, sweet, cheeky and full of ambition in life. We chatted about many things over a fine wine before thing got a little more steamy.. i wont go into too much details but lets just say i was fulfilled and more.

I genuinely do hope we cross paths again and i would consider him a friend. "

— addision


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